Canoe Pan

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Originally from Algeria, Patrick and his family fled to France when he was 11 to escape the war. Although he put it in his past, the cruelty of the war shaped his future, inspiring him to only bring peace and harmony to the world. ....At 16 he started hitch hiking, traveling wherever fate would bring him. At 21 he met his first spiritual teacher, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaj, and a few years later he meet his second teacher, Swami Sridhar Maharaj. With their blessing he started on his musical and spiritual journey, which ultimately led him to discover the sweet and profound music of divine love. ....He has produced more than a dozen albums and climbed the New Age music charts, always remaining true to his intentions to uplift and heal with music. He travels around the world giving concerts, offering workshops, and participating in conferences. At home in his workshop outside of Monreal, he continues to work on new albums while opening his studio for workshops and private sound massages

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